General rules for the use of the website

Rules for Reviewers

  1. Always use our website to keep in touch via private messaging. It is forbidden to end the deal on WeChat, Facebook, etc, even if the seller asks you to do so, you must refuse and use our site (it is allowed to add outside the page for friendship, but not for deals) so we have a record and can act if one goes wrong and outside the amazon site can detect the reviews that have been “bought”.
  2. Use common sense and speak with respect.
  3. It is forbidden to seek contact with sellers to make you an intermediary on other platforms.
  4. Do not burden the seller, if you have any problems, please contact through the contact form.
  5. Do not return a defective product without first telling the seller.
  6. Writing a negative review on Amazon that does not match what the seller is looking for can lead to an immediate blocking of your community account
  7. Do not order 2 products of the same ASIN with the same account, even if they are different colors.
  8. Do not write to the seller or the store about the “gifts” that are included in the cards that sometimes arrive inside the boxes of the products you receive for review
  9. In case of defects in the product, the person responsible for replacing it is the user you are dealing with on this website, you do not have to write to amazon to the store in any case since it is a review product and amazon receives a copy of all the messaging, if when making the deal the seller tells you that you should keep the product even if it arrives defective, it is a risk that you should run, otherwise, the seller will be responsible for getting you another product and replace the unit.

Rules for Sellers

  1. The publications must contain images of the product and a description.
  2. Contacts between reviewers and buyers are made within this website using the integrated messaging system
    • In this way we can control that the buyers and sellers fulfill their part of the deal and also impose sanctions on those who do not comply with the deal between the seller and the buyer
  3. It is forbidden to publish products without description
  4. No form of SPAM is allowed
    • It is forbidden to redirect users to telegram, facebook or wechat channels.
    • It is not allowed to use amazon affiliation links
  5. DO NOT ask for the cancellation of the order under any circumstances, except if the product is wrong or is out stock

The rules of use can be modified at any time by the administration of the website and you are responsible for visiting this page regularly to keep up to date on this.