General questions

Why does this website exist?

Amazon is a great platform but everything is paid for with money.
We try to bring together great people who want to get discounted or free products with stores that can offer this in exchange for ratings for their products.
We think that not everything is bought with money and maybe an exchange is also a good idea.

Is the information on the website protected?

We know that for amazon stores and reviewers it is important to maintain a high level of privacy in their accounts so as not to be blocked from the market.

We try to keep all information safe and each person can manage the level of privacy per account.

What marketplaces does Cloudbit support?

On Cloudbit you will find any European Amazon marketplace and we are working every day to expand to other continents.

Do I need to pay to use the website?

We ask for a minimum amount of money in order to participate and use the website. We use this to improve the website and add functionality, also to keep the website active.
In addition to this we can leave out people with bad thoughts or possible scammers.

Im a Reviewer

How many products can I request?

We generally recommend ordering 1 or 2 products per week. More products at this time is excessive and many sellers will not accept your amazon profile if they see this.

Sellers don’t accept me, I can’t test products. Why ?

Several possible reasons :

– You have not given the correct url for your Amazon profile. This url should show your Amazon reviewer profile. Your profile displays your latest comments published on Amazon. Keep in mind that sellers want to see your last reviews to know which editor you are (In case you decide to post a review).
– Your profile does not let appear any comments or very short comments … Try reviewing 10-20 products on Amazon. Sellers want to know your skills. (In case you decide to post a review)
– Your comments are short, no photos, no video … Expand your comments ! Keep in mind that sellers want to see good reviews (In case you decide to post a review)
– Sellers receive a lot of requests so you are maybe on a waitingg list. Wait or cancel the request.

Keep in mind what sellers want… They offer dozens of products, they spend money, so they want good reviewers.

Why Amazon reject my review ?

Indeed, there is some reasons :

– Your text, pictures, or videos aren’t accepted by Amazon. Try re-posting your review.
– You have reviewed the product before the end of the delivery dates estimated by Amazon. ALWAYS : Wait the delivery + 24 hours. We don’t want false comments !
– You have paste the sentence “Free or Discounted Product In Exchange …”. Don’t paste this sentence at the end of your review. You are FREE to review or not in order to respect the Amazon policy.
– You have ordered several times the same product from the same location or computer. Amazon probably consider the reviews from the same place as fake. Avoid commenting the same products (Mother, father, daughter accounts are same for Amazon…)

The product is broken, can I return it?

You can’t.
You have to tell the seller of the product about this. He can send you a new functional product without returning anything.

Can I return the product after the review?

If we detect this attitude you will be blocked from the website and most vendors will add you to lists of scammers

What do the “fees” mean?

The fees are suggested to PayPal. For each transaction amazon will stay a percentage that can vary between 3.4% and 5.4% + 0.35€

Some sellers include this in refunds. Others do not. You should ask before ordering the products

Im a Seller

Why Cloudbit?

Cloudbit.es is FREE ! It’s the best in the business at finding quality reviewers for your product. In addition to a superstar group of reviewers (All amazon countries), sellers will also find an incredibly easy to use platform. Finding success with your Amazon listing can be difficult with such a competitive field of Amazon sellers. Cloudbit.es is the easiest way to kick start a successful private label product, with a surge of sales and to maximise chances to get reviews.

You will also be in direct contact with the reviewers. We are not intermediaries.
You will be able to negotiate with each reviewer independently as you do on other platforms.

Do I need to create a country account?

No, you can post products or promotions for any country from a single account.

Are the scammers on this platform?

We try to keep all types of fraudsters out of Cloudbit.es, when we detect any type of scam or person with bad intentions it is automatically blocked and you cannot register again.

I need additional services, can Cloudbit help me?

In any case you can expose your doubts or questions with the contact form or through Wechat. We will try to help you as best as possible.

You can tell us what you need and maybe we can offer it to you.

Can I publish in Chinese?

Usually the contact with the reviewers is done in English as it is a common language and both of you can use the automatic translator.
Chinese translations are usually very bad and the meaning will not be clear.